Meet our Dinosaur Experts!
Clayton Nye "The Dino Guy"
A long time dinosaur devotee, Clayton has participated in all the different facets of paleontology, from digging up fossils to prepping and identifying them, as well as setting up museum exhibits and giving talks & tours.

Clayton has contributed his expertise to:
San Antonio Botanical Gardens – Texas Giants exhibit
The Institute of Texan Cultures – Sue the T-Rex exhibit
Buckhorn Museum – Jurassic Texas exhibit
San Antonio Parks and Recreation – Texas Fossils
Texas parks & wildlife – Dinosaur trackway research.

He frequently teaches classes on fossil collecting and cleaning and has given numerous talks for school groups & many other civic organizations.
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Please note: Dinosaur experts are an added feature and not available at all times.  Call 201-229-8888 to find out when they'll be available.  To book a personalized group tour with an expert, click here.

849 E. Commerce St., Ste. 759
San Antonio, TX 78205
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sun 11am-6pm
Dean "Dino-Dean" Warren 
Dean is an artist and educator, and a long time dinosaur enthusiast. His fascination with dinosaurs and prehistoric life began, as it does with so many, in childhood. By the age of six he was already informing his teachers that he was going to work with dinosaurs one day. As a more mature afficianado he has worked in museums in Great Britain, and searched over England looking for fossils. His first fossil find was a trilobite, discovered with great delight in the Silurian rocks of the English West Midlands. It's a prize he still treasures. Ever since then, the thrill of being the first to see further forms of ancient life that have not existed for millions of years has kept him looking for more. As well as being a keen paleontologist, Dean also has a great interest in entomology, ornithology, and general natural history.