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All lesson plans courtesy of Robert Burleson, MEd.
Center for Science & Math Education at Our Lady of the Lake University
Download the TEKS-based dinosaur curriculum (appropriate for grades 3-5)

Below are the handouts that accompany the lesson plans in the dinosaur curriculum listed above.

Pre-Visit Handouts
Engage:  Pre-Visit Engage 1
Explore:  Pre-Visit Explore 1, Pre-Visit Explore 2, Pre-Visit Explore 3
Explain: Pre-Visit Explain 1, Geologic Time Line
Elaborate: Pre-Visit Elaborate 1, Pre-Visit Elaborate 2, Pre-Visit Elaborate 1b
Evaluate: Pre-Test (Give to students before beginning any activities)

During Visit Handouts
Explore: Visit Explore 1, Visit Explore 2
Explain:  Visit Explain 1
Elaborate:  Visit Elaborate 1, Visit Elaborate 2, Visit Elaborate 3
Evaluate: Visit Evaluate 1
Geologic Time Line, Geologic TimeScaleTable -Landscape

Post-Visit Handouts
Engage:   Texas Dinosaurs, Post-Visit Engage 1, Post-Visit Engage 2, Post-Visit Engage 3
Explore:  Can You Dig It? Dinosaur Web Quest (No handouts required)
Explain:  Let's Make a Fossil (No handouts required)
Elaborate:  Time Period Copies
Evaluate:  Post-Test (Give after completing all activities)

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